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Celebrating 50 Weekly Blogs

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

By Oran Aviv

It’s hard for me to believe, but I have now been blogging for a full year. Except during my 2-week trip in Italy, I have written an article once a week.

That is quite an accomplishment considering I only thought I would have enough material to write a few blogs and even more surprising is that I actually wrote a blog every week.

So in this, my 51st blog, I am going to organize into categories and summarize briefly some of the articles. I hope in this way you will be able to find articles that interest you.

Our weekly blogs are about:

  • Understanding Dementia

  • How to Communicate Better

  • Preventing Dementia.

  • Healthy Aging

  • Health Tips

  • How Reflexology Helps

Understanding Dementia

Sadly there is a very negative stigma associated with memory loss. These articles were written to allow everyone to understand dementia better so that everyone can help those who are living with dementia. It is also important to understand that there are many people who are living fulfilling lives despite memory loss.

How to Communicate Better

It my work over the past 15 years with people who are living with dementia, I have sadly seen that often, many communication issues are not the fault of the person living with dementia, but of those around them.

Family members, friends, caregivers and staff can learn to understand and communicate better by being more empathetic.

The communication articles are mainly based on what I have learned what I have learned as a teacher of Naomi Feil’s Validation Method.

Preventing Dementia A healthy lifestyle is not only important for keeping our brains healthy, but it is also important for protecting ourselves from many illnesses.

Sometimes just a few small changes in our diet or lifestyle can make a huge difference in protecting our brain.

Healthy Aging

Old age is not an illness, although unfortunately many may think it is.

There are changes that occur as we age, but we can overcome them to stay healthy.

Sadly as many of us age we discover that ageism is real and needs to be addressed the same way we protest other -isms. Ageism can affect our own health if professionals think that because of our age we don’t deserve the same quality of care.

Health Tips Most of these articles are based on my 25 years as a holistic practitioner, 35 years as a mother and my own personal journey to weed through the mounds of confusing info in order to find what can really help us stay healthy and what is detrimental for our health. Many of the articles are also helpful for better health regardless of age.

How Reflexology Helps

For over 10 years I have been teaching caregivers and senior facility staff how to use hand reflexology to relax and connect with people who are living with dementia. Last June our work teaching Foreign Live-in Caregiver hand reflexology was presented at the Alzheimer's Disease International Conference ADI2022. You can read about our work and some very interesting presentations at the conference in this blog. As a reflexologist for over 25 years, I have personally seen how this safe, non -invasive touch therapy can help reduce stress and allow the body to heal itself. I hope these articles help you realize how magical reflexology is.

Wow - only after compiling this blog to I really understand how much I have written. There are many more blogs I didn't include, so please feel free explore our blog page.

We love it when you comment and share because it helps more people know about our work. Thank you!


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