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The 3 Step Hands-on Dementia Program

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Learn to work the reflex points on your own hands for self-care.

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Practice on your delighted friends and family to get feedback.

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Help reduces stress

and connect with

your loved one.

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The Essential eBook

for caregivers of family members with dementia

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Hands-On Dementia For Caregivers

A step by step guide to learn 3 reflex points 
to help your loved one and yourself

What is included in the Hands-On Dementia Program?

Take a peek!

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Do You Feel? 

As a caregiver of a family member with dementia – do you feel:

  • Mentally and physically exhausted

  • You lack training to understand and help your loved one

  • You lose your temper and then feel guilty because you know it is not your loved one’s fault

  • You wish your loved ones would understand that you worry and care for them, but they get angry and blame you

The Hardest Job

Caregiving is an incredibly difficult job both physically and emotionally. Most family caregivers suddenly find themselves in this role without having received any training!

For over 10 years I have been teaching hand reflexology all over the world, mainly to foreign live-in caregivers and staff at nursing homes and other senior facilities who care for people with dementia. 


Participants who learned hand reflexology find that the people they care for are less anxious and sleep better. 

 The Hands-on Dementia program
was created especially for you!

While not being able to work during lock down,

I realized that family caregivers are suddenly thrown into one of the most difficult jobs in the world without any knowledge or experience!


Sadly, family caregivers who need training the most, don’t have the luxury of time to take courses in dementia care, So 

I zeroed in on the 3 most important hand reflexology points that you can learn quickly and are amazingly effective.    

 The bonus is that you, the caregiver,
can also benefit by doing hand reflexology on yourself!

If It Was Different ....

What if it could be different?


  • Imagine being able to relax and recharge yourself


  • Imagine being able to help your loved one feel safe and calm.


  • Imagine understanding and connecting with your loved one


  • Imagine having a loving relationship with your loved one

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The eBook Hands-on Dementia for Caregivers in PDF format that you can read at your own pace on your smartphone, tablet or computer which includes clear photos and diagrams to help you locate the 3 hand reflex points.

And as part to the program you also receive:

  • Links  to video clips that demonstrate how to work the reflex points both on yourself and on a partner


  •  Printable Check list to help you remember how to prepare for and work the 3 reflexology points on your loved one. 


  • Bonus explanations of how you can use these same reflex points to stop hiccups and more. 


  • Actual stories and examples of how Hands-on Dementia has helped


Total value of this ebook package: $67.

But you get these Free Bonuses Too!

What is included in the
Hands-On Dementia Program?

  • Bonus: Caregiver Self-care.  Learn  hand reflexology points to help yourself de-stress and re-energize.

Value: $10 ----


  • Bonus: Membership to our private Hands-on Dementia Community on Facebook where you can ask questions, get tips and advice, and have a safe place to share your difficulties and moments of joy as a caregiver.  

Value: $22 ----


Total Value of the package is: $99 ----

But we are selling the eBook, Videos and the bonus for $39!

(Price is in US$) 

  • What if I don’t understand where the points are?
    We have made the photos, clear written explanations, and the videos, to make it easy to understand, but if you have any questions, you can always ask on our private Hands-on Dementia Facebook group.
  • As a 24/7 caregiver I have no free time.  How long does it take to learn?
    Hands-on Dementia for Caregivers was especially created for family caregivers who have so little time for themselves. You can read and watch the videos at your own pace. Total reading time of the entire book is only about 45 minutes. Most of the video clips are only a few minutes long.
  • I find that since I have been a caregiver, it’s hard for me to concentrate. What if I can’t read through the book?"
    Using an easy-to-read format with colors, the book was specially designed to read in small chunks. You can also learn the whole program by just watching the videos, but we suggest reading the book too so you can get the added explanations.
  • I’m 78 years old. Can I do this program?
    100% yes! People in their 90s have learned Hands-on Dementia.
  • Why should I sign up NOW?
    Why pay more when you can pay less? Take advantage of the offer while you can.
  • How long will I have access to the content?
    Once you purchase the program, you will receive by email the PDF eBook which you can download immediately onto your smartphone, reader, tablet and/or computer. It’s yours to keep!


I just finished reading and watching the videos from your book. It is so beautifully written and easy to follow! Everything was really clear and paced in such a respectful way. Kudos, on providing this amazing resource for caregiving and for caring for ourselves.


Sari Lewis

Scottsdale , Arizona, USA

How does it work?

1. You sign up (it's only a one time payment)

2. Immediately after that you receive an email with:

  • The PDF format of the eBook Hands-on Dementia for Caregivers that you can view on your phone, tablet or computer.

  • The links to 8 private Youtube videos that demonstrate how to work the reflex points 

  • The link to our private Hands-on Dementia support group on Facebook where you can ask your questions, get advice and share your experiences. 

3. Start reading, watching the videos and quickly learn how hand reflexology can help you and your loved ones. 

  If you press the button and see the price went back to $99, it means the promotion has ended and the program is back to its regular price.

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