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We teach touch and communication skills
to connect and understand people who have memory loss.
Make a difference in someone’s life.
Connect, interact, and communicate
with a person living with dementia.
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We Offer

Learn new practical skills to help people living with dementia. 

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Learn to use a touch technique at your own pace. 
Our eBook includes video clips and a support group.

 Free Webinars
Join one of  our webinars & take-away a skill you can use immediately. 
Our blog topics include:
  • Understanding dementia
  • Tips for better communication
  • How to prevent memory loss
  • How to stay healthy 
Who We Are
Oran Aviv
Oran Aviv
Oran is the founder of Hands-on Dementia. She has been a reflexologist for 25 years and has worked with people living with dementia for 15 years. Oran is a Certified Validation Teacher.
Nancy has worked over 17 years with persons living with dementia. She is a Certified Validation Teacher and PhD candidate in Dementia Care at the University of Edinburgh. 
Nancy Brown

Train to relate at a deeper level with people living with dementia.

Join us in changing the mindset and stigma associated with memory loss.


Our Blogs

And Videos