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Everything You Wanted to Know About Reflexology (12 answers in 2 minutes!)

I love talking about reflexology, but for World Reflexology Week I’ve challenged myself to explain reflexology in single sentence answers. Let me know if you have questions I missed.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a complimentary health therapy where one presses reflex points on the hands, ears, and/or feet … and wonderful things begin to happen.

Who can reflexology help?

Any person or animal who has a foot, hand or an ear.

Giving ear reflexology to a wild donkey in Cyprus

How does reflexology help?

By working reflex points in the hands, feet and/or ears one can help the whole body relax and do what it knows best – to heal itself.

Why does reflexology work?

No one really knows.

Who discovered reflexology?

Some form of reflexology has been used for hundreds of years, but modern-day reflexology is attributed to William Fitzgerald, an American ENT Physician and the first reflexology map is attributed to Physical Therapist Eunice Ingham

What is a reflexology map?

Also known as a reflexology chart, a reflexology map shows which reflexes correspond to different parts of the body.

Why are there so many different reflexology maps?

The first map was copyrighted so all other published maps must be different from each other to not infringe on the copyrighted map.

Click on the photo of this link to check out this great interactive reflexology map on the Association of Reflexologists site

What does a reflexology session feel like? Deep relaxation with a sprinkle of love and joy and a bit of heaven too.

Can reflexology help my health issues? Without making health claims (it’s illegal) Reflexology induces deep relaxation which allows the body to heal itself, but you can check out these client testimonials.

How often should I have a reflexology session? Most of us would love to have one daily for hours at a time, but generally sessions are weekly, sometimes more often if treating a specific issue.

Where can I find a reflexologist? There are certified reflexologists all over the world that you can find by looking up the reflexology association in your country or area.

Can I do reflexology on myself? Yes you can and hand reflexology is a great way to use reflexology for self care and to start enjoying the benefits of this wonderful method!

Give it a try!


Oran Aviv has been a reflexologist for 25 years and is also a Certified Validation teacher. She combines both the principles of hand reflexology and Validation to teach ©Hands-on Dementia to caregivers and senior facility staff around the world.

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Oran is also the author of Hands-on Dementia for Caregivers, a Step by Step Guide to Learn 3 Reflex Points to Help your Loved One and Yourself


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